The Percepts duo is intended to be a unique experience, a total immersion in the sound, his timbres, his vibrations. A perceptive experience encouraging introspection, meditation and transcendence, or more simply, the pleasure of senses.

An experience that intends to be the result of sound performances set up with space, with lights, and sometimes with images in order to serve in the best way the imaginary worlds put in music by composers coming from all over the world.

Modal, serial, spectral, electroacoustic, probabilistic, repetitive, noisy, dramatized musics… From Africa, Asia, Europe, or America, influenced by various cultures, world perceptions, nature or civilizations.

Each Percepts concerts is a new adventure across musical frontiers, space, time…

Because Art is a mirror handed to mankind, the music we propose intends to reflect it in its complexity, its universality

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5 et 6 janvier 2021 : Opéra National de Lorraine, Nancy : formations de formateurs

15 et 16 janvier 2021 : CRD de Niort, classe de maître, spectacle Itinéraire bis

24 et 25 mars 2021 : CRI de Sète, classe de maître, spectacle Itinéraire bis


1er et 2 juin 2020 : concert, improvisations, enregistrement, à l’émission Radiobal.fr, Le Balto Bar, Montreuil

13 février 2020 : classe de maître, CRR de Nancy

14 février 2020 : concert d’élèves des classes de saxophone et percussions, spectacle Itinéraire bis, CRR de Nancy

9 janvier 2020 : classe de maître, CRR de Nancy

11 décembre 2019 : classe de maître, CRR de Nancy

22 novembre 2019 : spectacle Itinéraire bis, CRD Paris-Saclay à Orsay dans le cadre de la convention de l’AFP (Association Française pour la Percussion)

5 octobre 2019 : spectacle Itinéraire bis au conservatoire du 20ème arrondissement, Paris

5 octobre 2019 : concert, Le Balto Bar, Montreuil (extraits du spectacle)

6 octobre 2019 : concert Le Balto Bar,  spectacle Itinéraire bis

7 mai 2019 :  spectacle Itinéraire bis, auditorium CRD La Roche-sur-Yon

14 avril 2019 : spectacle Itinéraire bis, festival Graines d’Expressions, salle Georges Brassens, Aytré

13 et 14 novembre 2018 : classe de maître et concert, auditorium CRR de Reims

8 décembre et 22 décembre 2017 : classe de maître, concerts d’élèves animées, CRR de Tours         (au sein des classes de Christophe Bois, Jean Baptiste Couturier)


The “PERCEPTS” duo Saxophone & Percussion was born of a meeting between two musicians from the CNSM of Paris

Thomas Gobert and David Joignaux.

They both are passionate about multiple explorations of the new music, and because a lot of today’s composers are interested in the astonishing sound possibilities of those instruments, they were soon brought together around a common project:

The creation of a new repertoire for saxophone and percussion closely coordinated with several composers.

The “PERCEPTS” Saxophone & Percussion duo was born from the meeting of two musicians from the CNSM in Paris

Following the work with Luis Naon, José Manuel Lopez Lopez, Philippe Leroux and Philippe Manoury, a successful collaboration emerged because today, those two professional musicians, called “PERCEPTS”, are pursuing creations, concerts and records.

The first duo’s CD is in sale on this website. (contact us).

Thomas Gobert

Graduated of the “Formation Supérieure des classes de saxophone (Claude Delangle) et de musique de chambre (Jens McManama, Laszlo Hadady)” from the CNSMD of Paris, Thomas Gobert has illustrated himself in different contests especially in chamber music (FNAPEC, UFAM, Concours Avant-Scènes) and he participated to many creation projects : at the CNSMD of Paris, at the IRCAM, as part of different festival (Davos, worldwide congress of electronical music of Belfast, ICMC), in some
prestigious institutions (Péréla de Dusapin à l’Opéra de Paris-Bastille), as well as on the radio (Radio Classique, France Musique, NDR, Hambourg)…

Today, he appears in different countries (Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, China, Taiwan), as a player, chamber player, but also as a lecturer and a teacher. Professor at the Conservatory (CRD) of La Roche-Sur-Yon, pedagogy is a very important part of his career of a musician : it is actuated by his artistic activity.

David Joignaux

Former student and graduated of the “Formation Supérieure du CNSMD de Paris en Percussion et Musique de Chambre dans les classe de Michel Cerruti et Hae-Sun Kang (soliste de l’Ensemble Incontemporain)”, David Joignaux is an eclectic musician trained in multiple percussion schools, performer of orchestra’s repetoire within various national orchestras (les orchestres de Radio France, l’Orchestre National de Bordeaux, l’Orchestre de l’Opéra de Rouen…) but also on period instruments (Les Arts Florissants, l’Orchestre des Champs-Elysées, Akademie für Alte Musik…). he also interprets the comtemporary repertoire of chamber and soloist musician, repertoire with witch he is the laureate of the second International Timbals Contests of Lyon and also the award of the best interpretation of Récit from Heinz Hollinger, mondial design of this contest.

He also creates the musics of some shows of the Pseudonyme Théâtre company & Marionnettes, approach the Jazz, the pop universe, and the traditional musics…


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